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Power. Style. Drama.

Power. Style. Drama.

Equipped with the most powerful Rolls-Royce engine ever, the Wraith establishes a new definition for what is possible. This car has been unashamedly designed and engineered to perform – it caters to all of the driver’s sensibilities and delivers the most dynamic driving experience in the marque’s history.

Boldly challenging expectations

While the Wraith is both daring and unique, it is still a Rolls-Royce through and through. The principal design statements that set this prestigious marque apart are present in the classic 2:1 proportions of wheel to roof height, the long overhang behind the rear wheels, and the signature rear-hinged coach doors. The Wraith has significantly expanded Rolls-Royce’s aesthetic boundaries.

Every detail matters    

The Wraith’s coach doors open to reveal an utterly stunning four-seat Grand Tourer, capable of accommodating four adults and their luggage with ease and in ultimate luxury. While the exterior is all about purpose, the sweeping lines of the interior are all about personal comfort.

Advanced technology

With its Satellite Aided Transmission, the Wraith uses GPS data and its navigation system to anticipate the road ahead and automatically select the right gear from its eight-speed transmission. In addition, the Active Cruise Control uses radar to keep track of the cars ahead and it will cause the car to brake automatically to maintain a safe distance, ensuring the smoothest possible ride for both driver and passengers.

Elegance refined

Finely tuned by Rolls-Royce experts, the Wraith’s eighteen-speaker Bespoke Audio System produces incredibly rich sounds, aided by external microphones that automatically adjust the settings to compensate for exterior noise.

Built for the pleasures of driving

The Wraith has all the luxury and elegance one would expect from Rolls-Royce, but it is also built to perform. A potent 6.6 litre, turbo-charged V12 engine delivers an incredible 624 bhp, powering the car from 0 to 100 km/h in 4.6 seconds. This seamless surge of energy is effortlessly delivered through the eight-speed automatic transmission.

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