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Power. Style. Drama.

Bolder. Braver. Darker. 

The Black Badge is an intoxicating incarnation of the iconic Rolls-Royce marque – a model for those who seek adventure and explore the darker realms of existence. The Black Badge is a bold statement for those who dare to be different.

Command the darkness

The Wraith Black Badge does not hide in the shadows – it owns the night. It emits an enigmatic force with an undeniable presence.  And with darkness comes transformation.


Endless possibilities

The Black Badge makes no compromises when it comes to elegance. Behind the wheel, you feel like anything is possible. The cabin is transformed by a darker interpretation of luxury. With its horseshoe sweep and leather upholstery, the interior cocoons the passengers in limitless comfort.

Elegance refined

Finely tuned by Rolls-Royce experts, the Wraith’s eighteen-speaker Bespoke Audio System produces incredibly rich sounds, aided by external microphones that automatically adjust the settings to compensate for exterior noise.

Hand-built by perfectionists

Sixty pairs of highly skilled hands. That's the level of craftsmanship that goes into building every Rolls-Royce. Every detail matters – the five coats of paint on the bodyshell, the bookmatched veneers and the hand-stitched leatherwork. Perfection is our benchmark.

Built for the pleasures of driving

The Wraith Black Badge has all the luxury and elegance one would expect from Rolls-Royce, but it is also built to perform. A potent 6.6 litre, turbo-charged V12 engine delivers an incredible 624 bhp, powering the car from 0 to 100 km/h in 4.6 seconds. This seamless surge of energy is effortlessly delivered through the eight-speed automatic transmission.

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