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Surprisingly seductive

Unforgettable encounters

The Dawn’s alluring presence is unmistakable, right from the very first encounter. Striking and assertive, its charm and charisma draw you in. With the top up, the mood is powerful. But with one touch, its sensuous appeal is unveiled: the roof silently folds away, revealing a seductive interior crafted in anticipation of unforgettable moments between friends. The Dawn is a true four-seater, an experience designed to be shared. 

Striking design

The crafted French seam in the soft-top roof offers an unbroken surface and stunning aesthetics. The windscreen frame, created as a single piece, enhances the sense of grace and fluidity, while the wider track and iconic grille lend purity and authority. An emblem of ease and opportunity, the roof opens in just 22 seconds, revealing an open deck area that connects you to your surroundings like never before.

A car like no other

The ethos of the Dawn is simplicity and every detail has a timeless elegance and purity. The classic 2:1 proportions of the wheel to body height ensure the Dawn is a true Rolls-Royce in every way. However, the new Drophead Coupé design gives this car a new dimension. Dawn’s silhouette is characterised by a bold optimism – it’s always poised and ready to go. Slender roof proportions and a strong, sweeping shoulder line give a sensuous yet contemporary look. A powerful front end points towards new frontiers, creating a vision of dynamism and progress.


Designed to be shared, the interior is intensely welcoming: a sanctuary in motion. Four individual seats offer matchless comfort and an elegant, aesthetically pure form. Discover an exceptional space, tailored for the ultimate passenger experience.

Advanced technology 

Let nothing stand in the way of an exhilarating drive. The Dawn is equipped with advanced driver assistance features, ensuring a smooth, safe ride from day to night. You have unprecedented control inside the car too. The Spirit of Ecstasy controller lets you manage everything from your journey planner to your address book, with just a swipe of your finger.

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